Team Mary Ellen Pub Putt 2013 for Relay for Life

Still Swingin In 2013 Team Mary Ellen

Once upon a time there were three young girls from a small town in North Central Iowa.  From the time they were in fourth grade, Mary Ellen, Becky, and Lori were basically inseparable.  It was always the three.  The best of friends, they considered themselves sisters.  What one did, they all did.  One wanted to play basketball, they all played basketball; one wanted to run cross-country, they all ran cross-country; one had a horse, they all had a horse. Oh sure there were the usual little squabbles amongst a threesome one spending too much time with the other, boyfriends, who said, she said—all the lessons in life. But through it all; the heartaches and tears,  4-H, UMYF, boyfriends, saddle clubs, school, athletics, and eventually husbands and children they were always still connected- once out of school, maybe not as often as they would have liked.  They moved away, they moved back—Mary went to Hawaii to live, and eventually found her way back to Iowa up around Sioux City. They always kept track of each other, if not by phone or letter, then through each other.  These three had the world by the tail.

Then in April 2005, Mary Ellen found a lump.  Soon after, it was diagnosed as cancer in her lymph nodes.  Chemo followed, and they thought it was in remission when the three of them were together in August of 2005.  Thanksgiving came along and so did the terrifying phone call that the cancer had been found in Mary Ellen’s brain stem.  The other two took a quick trip to Sheldon.  They had no idea it was to be the last time it was “the three of them”.  Mary passed away shortly after that.

She will be greatly missed by her two daughters and husband, as well as others.

So here they are –just the two of them now, along with the support of their families, fellow classmates, fellow employees, employers, friends and acquaintances. They have all joined together to form:

“Team M.E.” 

For the memory of Mary Ellen, our friend and sister.

Project Details

Mark Les
Eric Benson 
Post Production/Editing:
Guy Strauss 
Eric Benson